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Logic Score, writing in Guitar-mix with proper lefthand fingerings

Mon Sep 20, 2021 5:44 am

Hello Logic Users,

I have a specific question about using Logic Score to write guitar-music, regular notation together with tabs.

In the regular sheet I use a split point to use 2 separate voices, for example a comb-part and a melody-part. So far so good.
Both voices set to channel 1.

In the second line underneath the regular barlines I write the tab-part. (guitar-mix).
Then I tweak these tabs to get the best lefthand fingerings.
And there it goes wrong.

As long as I stay in the first position of the guitar nothing goes wrong.
But when I change the midi-channel for a particular tab-note to change the fingering it affects the regular score-bars above it.
Most of the time these normal notes dissapear.

My question : How can I produce a regular score-part and a similar tab-part (guitar-mix) underneath it without influencing each other ?

Thanks in advance for your replies !!


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Re: Logic Score, writing in Guitar-mix with proper lefthand fingerings

Tue Dec 07, 2021 5:38 am

I know Logic's Score Editor well ... and enjoy it. However, to edit tablatures with the objectives that you state, I recommend that you use the xml format to switch either to free dedicated software (muse score) or to paid software Sibélius, Dorico etc ... I am a classical guitarist and I spent many hours trying to achieve polyphonic tablature with LOgic using all the possibilities of the neck of the guitar. I think I have tried everything It's impossible! Good results are obtained only with guitar solos. On the other hand, the results obtained when writing for the score (without the tablature) can be good with Logic.