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Random MIDI Events (Generative Music)

Mon Oct 26, 2020 12:36 am

I generated random MIDI Events (Notes) and filtered them to D# Auxiliary Diminished and quantized to 1/16.
I applied a Scripter object to each of the tracks to extract certain notes, those values are different on each track so it sounds like many players but it's just me extracting single tracks from the random MIDI Events that I generated.

MacBook Pro 10.8.5 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 6GB Ram - Logic Pro X (10.2)
MacMini 10.13.6 2GHz Intel Core i7 16GB Ram - GarageBand 10.4.5 Logic Pro X (10.4.8)
iPad Mini iOS 12 - iOS GarageBand 2.0.1
Qosimo X70-A 10.13.6 Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ Processor 32GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory, 2-500GB 7200rpm hard drives - Logic Pro X (10.4.8)
MacMini M1 11.6.1 Apple M1 16GB Ram 1TB SSD Logic Pro X (10.7.1) Rosetta 2 not installed