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Logic X 10.7 - Stuck Midi Notes when using AU3 VEPRO 7 Ports 5-8

Tue Oct 19, 2021 12:48 am


Updated Logic to version 10.7 today. In a large orchestral template, I am now getting constant stuck/hanging notes with AU3 VEPRO 7 multi-output instruments. All notes are acting as if they are not receiving midi note-off commands. The stuck notes, however, are only occurring with AU3 VEPRO 7 multi-output instruments that utilize ports 5, 6, 7, and 8. If other ports are used (port 3 for example), the same midi region plays back without issue.

If I open the same session in Logic X 10.6.3 everything plays back normally; no stuck notes.

Update, Just t4estede Logic 10.7.1, and the bug is still present. I can also recreate the bug when starting from a new, empty Logic session.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or discovered a workaround?

Thank you!

OSX 11.6
Logic X 10.7
Mac Pro 7,1 3.2 Ghz 16-core