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Are there any real music promotion services?

Fri Sep 10, 2021 7:50 am

Hey everyone, I've been working for a composer for some time, and one thing we've been working on is promoting his music. I've tried different things myself, and I recently took a course on how to use FB/IG ads optimally. Thing is, this isn't my area of expertise, and I find a lot of my efforts to be futile. I've done research and tried to find paid services that try to promote an artist's music, but every time I look at reviews there are always some glowing 5-star ones, and then the ones where people give it 1 star and cite some pretty terrible stuff, like total lack of communication, 0 results, or no indication whatsoever of any real work behind the scenes. The one I looked at today was "Music Gateway", but I've found the same thing every time whenever I try to investigate a service. Does anyone know of any legit services?
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