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Midi Environment Help

Thu Oct 21, 2021 9:08 am

Hello, I am new to midi environment functions. I intend to use two sounds live. A piano and a pad. But I want to be able to operate the modulation wheel for the filter cut-off for the pad itself. The problem is that the piano consists of two different vst instruments, creating a stack folder/summing and the pad also consists of two different instruments as a stack track. The modulation wheel only works on the selected (armed) track and I would like it to work independently of the selection. Similarly, I want to use a stack track with different vst instruments with keyboard split. First the bass, then the pad, and finally the lead. I would like the modulator wheel to work only on the pad. How to do this using a midi environment? I do not want to use mainstage.
The last thing, I would like to use a midi controller, for example with buttons, to turn on and off different midi instruments or whole stack tracks. What should I do in a midi environment? I have never used this function before.