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Video export problem

Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:28 pm

I'm sure other people are experiencing this too but perhaps they have worked out what causes it. If so please let me know.

If I'm doing a cue for a scene, I'll often have the music and video starting from the top (Or bar 4 or 5 etc). Once happy, Ill usually export the audio and export the audio bounced to the picture for my client.

Quite often I will do a variation or a completely different arrangement but instead of creating an "Alternate Project" I'll just move the video further down the timeline and do the edit with the music. This is quite common say If I'm doing a cutdown (60s then to 30s say)......Somethimes however when I export the VIDEO with the audio/music on that section of the timeline I get an error; "Could not Export Audio". This error only happens when I"m exporting the video bounce.

Anyone else get this? I've tried work out why but get stuck. Is Ita bug in tempo changes? Video Codecs? Not sure,.....As I've tried them all!

It doesn't happen all this time.

Anyone else?
The work around is to bounce down the audio and add it to the video whilst the video is early on in the time line.
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