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Logic Score, writing in Guitar-mix with proper lefthand fingerings

Mon Sep 20, 2021 5:44 am

Hello Logic Users,

I have a specific question about using Logic Score to write guitar-music, regular notation together with tabs.

In the regular sheet I use a split point to use 2 separate voices, for example a comb-part and a melody-part. So far so good.
Both voices set to channel 1.

In the second line underneath the regular barlines I write the tab-part. (guitar-mix).
Then I tweak these tabs to get the best lefthand fingerings.
And there it goes wrong.

As long as I stay in the first position of the guitar nothing goes wrong.
But when I change the midi-channel for a particular tab-note to change the fingering it affects the regular score-bars above it.
Most of the time these normal notes dissapear.

My question : How can I produce a regular score-part and a similar tab-part (guitar-mix) underneath it without influencing each other ?

Thanks in advance for your replies !!


Amsterdam, Holland