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BIG Problems: Apollo, WA87 & WA73 WHAT HAPPENED?!

Mon Sep 13, 2021 8:22 pm

Okay...I read a lot here and this is my first post as I've just got these things that I need someones help with. Of course, I'm becoming discouraged from the amount of effort I'm putting forth and not getting any results. At all!

My preferences and all that jazz is normal. unless there's something I did trying to patch or figure out the midi clocks and inputs...maybe I switched the inputs 1+2 to the midi and somehow im just having some issues...but the first problem is scaring me most so here you go...(smh)

(I'm going to be as specific as possible...this is rough.)
Seagull Acoustic
1962 Custom Shop Fender Strat (Relic)
Yamaha Motif XF***
Apollo Twin Interface
WA87 Mic
WA73 EQ. (Neve Clone)
WA76 FET (Compressor)
Livewire Power Conditioner
dbx PB-48 Patch Bay

One I have no idea about patch bays yet. I can compress and do all that from growing up around music and people who've had good outboard gear all my life. Here I am, but I don't know how to hook things up.

I tried a little bit at the beginng to get my Pre Amp WA73-EQ and WA87 linked to a patch and then to the Apollo. I have the balanced cables. TRS to XLR. I have enough input and output cables for all my gear. Well, Ive been recording for a while with the Apollo Twin and I could manage everything in logic just fine. That was BEFORE getting all this outboard gear and some wishlist stuff as you can see...

Now, I did get a signal and could hear through the WA87 without the pre-amp and soley into the Apollo just fine. But when I tried to patch...at first the Pre Amp WA-73 was 'getting signal', I couldn't hear it, nothing changed from the Apollo to the preamp sound...I could just see on the preamp itself that it was picking up signal. no audio though. I plugged it another way and pressed a button or turned a dial and there was a loud hissing type more like a robot throwing up noise came from it.

After my buddy who's a singer left, I believe I was still getting signal from the mic through the Apollo.
BUT NOW? I get no signal at all no reading and no audio from either. The Preamp is blown or something because it turns on but the signal isn't even there. it has two different inputs. either one doesn't show me a signal...and logic won't pick up the WA87 if I run it just into the Apollo.

THE APOLLO will record guitar but it won't record mic line 1 or 2. its as if the mic might be dead...the pre amp in the Apollo is dead. the actual outboard WA73 pre amp is blown.
WHAT HAPPENED? any guesses?

Im trying to integrate everything into logic and I've had two different inputs going from the Yamaha Motif XF (a USB cable and a MIDI to USB cable)...at the same time...running into my MacBook Pro. I have a hub on the side that lets me have the extra inputs. Right, so I was somehow able to slave the logic to the Yamaha but not with a midi time clock. That just makes my typing keyboard on the Mac play Motif sounds.....I somehow got it to record midi notes into logic. but it wouldn't playback through logic. the sounds aren't recorded. I saved the template of sounds that I was using into the Yamaha. So when I open both the logic file with the midi notes recorded, and the Yamaha template I saved with the sounds for it...it only plays through the Motif. it doesn't actually play through logic. I had to put my monitors through the Motif's L & R outputs to hear sound. It was as if the logic was slaving only to help the Motif as a step sequencer...I could record guitar in that project too but it would just be playing by itself. Now had the Motif sounds actually been recorded, I would've had all the sounds plus guitar together... Now im just learning the step sequencer on the Yamaha until I figure the next step. Pay a PRO????

Guys please help me and have mercy on me. Im def not new to recording and making music...but this whole integrating thing is really getting the best of me. Ive been around amazing musicians and recorded decent things...now I want to be the guy recording others and producing and I have a guy who's brother won a season of The Voice here in the US. Talk later guys.