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DMD: How to load whole acoustic drum kit designer kit into it?

Thu Aug 26, 2021 4:51 am

Is it possible to import a whole Drumkit DESIGNER kit into Drum MACHINE Designer in one go, so that you can reassign the midi notes etc easily? (I like to program my drums with an Atom pad with a set layout.) I seem to be able to go into the Library pad by pad and click on eg Brooklyn and this loads the relevant piece onto a DMD pad (so if you're on the snare pad and click Brooklyn it loads the snare etc). But is there a way to load the whole Drum Kit in one go?

Alternatively, is there an easier way to reassign the midi input for Drumkit Designer? I know there is the Scripter remapping option but this seems to only allow me to assign a single midi note to each sample, so I can't have the same kick triggered by both C1 and C#1 for example, which I like to do.

Thanks for any help
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